Sonoma Trikes Wellness on Wheels

Why Ride Trikes?

  • Stability – loose gravel, sand, ice, tire blowouts, etc. will not send a trike crashing to the ground.
  • Ride during the winter – hitting a patch of ice is fun on a trike.
  • Do you have trouble balancing? No problem with a trike.
  • No need to drop a foot off the pedal in tight turns to protect against wipeouts
  • Leaning into the turns makes cornering on a trike fun. They handle like a sports car or go-cart – you can even brake-steer on a TerraTrike.
  • Pull up to a stop and never put your foot down on the road
  • No wasted energy balancing the trike on those slow steep climbs – this is the reason that trikes are better climbers than two-wheeled recumbents.
  • More respect from motorists, they slow down and give you a wider berth when passing – primarily out of sheer curiosity.
  • Easier to track a straight line on the side of a road – no need for wobble room during a steep climb in traffic.
  • No need for a kickstand or leaning post.
  • Less road friction/tire scrub from a rider’s side-to-side balance shift (wobble).
  • Instant celebrity status – you may be the first person in your neighborhood with a trike – people will know who you are.
  • Great platform for attaching fairings and accessories.

Get your own Trike!

Shop hours evenings and weekends by appointment. To arrange a visit please call or text (707) 559-8101 or email us at

1400 Valley House Road, Suite A
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Located in the Sonoma Mountain Village, west of Sally Tomatoes, in the maintence/ warehouse area near the Comcast truck lot, railroad track and big soccer field.

Our Manufacturers

We have a wide selection of trikes available from a range of manufacturers.

UK touring and performance recumbent trikes
Tadpole trikes from kids to adults
USA made sport and touring recumbent tadpole tricycles
Australian made Rotovelo velomobile and recumbent touring tadpole tricycles
Recumbent trikes for every need and budget
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