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Why Ride Trikes?

  • Stability – loose gravel, sand, ice, tire blowouts, etc. will not send a trike crashing to the ground.
  • Ride during the winter – hitting a patch of ice is fun on a trike.
  • Do you have trouble balancing? No problem with a trike.
  • No need to drop a foot off the pedal in tight turns to protect against wipeouts
  • Leaning into the turns makes cornering on a trike fun. They handle like a sports car or go-cart – you can even brake-steer on a TerraTrike.
  • Pull up to a stop and never put your foot down on the road
  • No wasted energy balancing the trike on those slow steep climbs – this is the reason that trikes are better climbers than two-wheeled recumbents.
  • More respect from motorists, they slow down and give you a wider berth when passing – primarily out of sheer curiosity.
  • Easier to track a straight line on the side of a road – no need for wobble room during a steep climb in traffic.
  • No need for a kickstand or leaning post.
  • Less road friction/tire scrub from a rider’s side-to-side balance shift (wobble).
  • Instant celebrity status – you may be the first person in your neighborhood with a trike – people will know who you are.
  • Great platform for attaching fairings and accessories.

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